Friday, April 3, 2009


On our way to go SNORKLING in the RED SEA! ( my friend Lindsey and I...she's from TEXAS. Enough said. ) =)

So today we drove to Eilat! Which was ICREDIBLE! We went to the beach and went SNORKLING in the RED SEA! I loved it! The fish were beautiful! There were small jelly fish all over that I swam right through, they made me a little nervous! But it was amazing!

My friend Marianne and I laying out in the Sun at the Red Sea. It was a perfect day!

A beautiful Massive Waterfall We visited!

Caesareas Philippi!

One day during our free afternoons on the beach....well we made a raft out of things we could find on the beach. The guys actually sailed it! It was way fun!

This is a natural spring that is made into basically a natural swimming pool. And we got to swim in it! It was a BLAST! And by far one of the prettiest places I have ever gone swimming! Pictures do not do justice!

This is on the deck of the Galilee Branch House, where we attended church. The view is amazing as it over looks the Sea of Galilee.

This Picture is for JUSTIN. At this special place in the Jordan River, they have baptisms. We went on a Shabbot to see them take place. On the walls they have special prayers and messages all along the walls in different languages. And so I found XHOSA just for Justin! I was so excited when I spotted it!

This is my friend Jeff, So one night we went to this special fish diner. And this was the fish they they served, very fresh. I actually hate fish and ate something else, however...I did try a piece. But still, it was intersteing. Everyone had to disect their fish in order to each it...yuck.

Hiking...In Galilee everything is so beautiful and green. You forget you are in Israel and feel like you somewhere like South America. Its breath taking.

This picture I think is so funny! i tried to take some pictures in the water, while balancing on a rock to look like i was walking on the Water. And the guys in my group started throwing rocks to get me wet. It was quite funny.


Sailing on the SEA OF GALILIEE ( it was so cold,windy, and raining that day )

This is at Caesarea Port! Beautiful! Well, Im back from 10 days of bliss in Galilee! it was incredible and felt more like a vacation then a packed trip where you are going non stop! We actually got a few days where we got to relax on the beach and just play! We even had New Testament Classes on the beach! It was bomb! We stayed right on the sea of Galiliee. Wow I am lucky! It was such a highlight of the whole trip. The scriptures were really alive as we studied the Stories of Christ right at the actual location that they took place. It was amazing! I cherished those 10 days. They are full of memories, spiritual highs, and laughs.


  1. you know what im gonna say right.......
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  2. How many suitcases of clothes did you bring? you have so many outfits!!!! YOu have the cutest pictures! and you look amazing too. I miss talking to you...I'm so jealous of your wonderful experiences! Love you

  3. YOU LOOK FABULOUS HAYLEY!!!! my goodness!! im so in love with you and i cant wait to see you!