Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just some New pictures

These are some more pictures from when a group of us went to Tel-Aviv!

Watching the Sun Set on the beach...amazing!

Having fun on the Boarwalk!

In EN KAREM- its this area that is very European Looking!They have a bunch of churchs and cafe's there to see. Its amazing and so Beautiful! 5 of us went to this AMAZING place for lunch where we sat outside on the patio and had such a fun time with being justg with girls.

Where ever you go in En Karem you have to hike up to get there, but the whole time you see this beautiful view!

This is Bethlehem!! We spent a day there, and went to Bethlehem University and got to talk with students, went to a lecture,
saw the church of Nativity where Christ was born, and went to Shepards Field at night to celebraste Christmas! hehe. We had a Christmas program. It was such an awesome night! This is the place we ate for lunch-it was probably the BEST meal I have eaten here! and it was soooo fun! It was in a tent, and had a very middle eastern feel., I loved it! We ate tons of humus and pita with different dips, veggies, and lamb and chicken.

Celebrating Porim-A Jewish Holiday where everone dresses up! These are my friends Aleni and Kara ( She's from Hawaii! )

About to go out for Porim!

This is my friend ALi, we finally got put on the same bus together and were so excited! So we had to take pictures of this happy moment!

This is us dressed up for a night out on the town for Porim. Which is a Jewish Holiday where people dress up and celebrate the whole night. Its kind of like a mix of Marde Gras and Halloween for us.

Heres some new pictures that I took and got from friends! This week has been killer with finals non stop! and it won't end until friday! I probably will being doing cartwheels of joy once we are done, and get to have a break! I can't belive time is going so fast and before I know it I'll be back in the states with a full Summer semester ahead of me and lots of exiting things as well. I look forward to it, but am loving my time here! It just gets better and better here!

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  1. Terrific pictures, Hayley. They are all great.

    Dan Vincent