Sunday, March 8, 2009


In front of the Mosque we went to.
We went to the biggest Mosque in Jordan, and they made all the girls wear black dresses with their head was....interesting?!?!?!

I felt like a life sucker wearing this....

On top of what they call " the end of the world" you can't really see but im standing on the edge of the cliff...the view was amazing! With my friends Stephen and Matt

National Geographic?? hah.

This little girl was one the cutest little girls i have ever seen. As i was running down the mountain jamming out to my Ipod i passed her and instantly she melted me heart. She had money in one hand and necklaces she was selling in the other...she was only like THREE YEARS OLD! I didn't want to buy a necklace so instead I gave her my dried Mango i had with me. She instantly ate it up. Then he mom came up, so I gave her some too. They were so grateful because they have nothing and live in shacks in the mountains of petra. Its so sad. But she was adorable! It was one of my highlights of my trip!

Me hiking down the mountains of Petra!


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