Sunday, March 15, 2009

A day in the City

At King Herod's Temple-these are actual stones that the Savior walked on in the temple! Wow am I lucky!

Basketball with the Locals! haha ( i know it's a funny picture of me, but o well )

This is normal in the Old City...

One day to get away from all the studing for finals-which have been killer! Wer went and just played in the city! It was a blast and we met so many people! We went out to lunch at this super nice place where the owner loved us and gave us discounts and catered to us,played basketball with the locals,and just had a blast!
This is what I want for Christmas- a new Digital camera for photography-one of my new passions! I always steal my friends and just go play-take tons of pictures!

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  1. I love your new blog look so styling I love it! I'm so impressed. The background is called Damask and that 's what mom is decorating the playroom with. love your pics too...what an adventure you are having! I'll see you in about 2 months...