Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today i finally made it to one of the most sacred and important places in Israel- the Dome of the Rock! It was beautiful and am so glad I went. I wake up every morning to the best view of the Dome-wow I am so blessed. Also this past week I got to celebrate Palm Sunday with the walk they do evey year starting where Christ started when he was going into the city. Everyone has huge palms they wave. And in the morning we went to a special ceramony in the Church of the Holy Seplurcure. It was awesome to take part int these events. I felt like my mom because she always raised us to partake in activites that celebrate the Savior and his last week. it was so much fun!We also had a "Ramadan dinner" which is a holiday for the Muslims. We had this huge meal and I was asked to design the floral center piece on the serving table..I was so excited to do it! And today was a free day where I just went out into the city and explored with my friends! That never gets old and every time brings something new and exciting! The last picture is of me and my primary class that I team teach with my friend Jessica every week! We have so much fun and I love my calling working with the little sunbeams! they are such joys and always make me smile! I also love teaching with my friend Jessica! She is awesome and we have so much fun together! I am so excited to be here during Easter time! How Lucky I am!There are many tourist here at this time, and then theres me who lives in the Holy Land during this special time! I love it! Wow I am so blessed!



  1. Hey Hayley!!! I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your posts and looking at your gorgeous pictures! You look beautiful and it looks like you're having the time of your life. I wish I could be there with you, I can't wait to see you soon!!! Miss you like CRAZY! Love you even more!!
    XOXO Always

  2. I miss these days with you Hayley girl! And I hope you and Justin start a blog so I can read all about your beautifully happy life together!