Thursday, April 16, 2009

We'Ve GoT TaLeNt!

So this past Monday was packed! We went to Masada, the Dead Sea, En Gev, and had a talent show that night! Well Floating in the Dead Sea was INCREDIBLE! It was a blast! And at the end, our skin felt like baby skin, i loved it! Then when your at the Dead Sea...You put mud and clay all over your body! It was a blast to just play in the mud! it was just sooo cool! I couldnt even recognize some of my friends because they were just covered form head to toe in mud! When We got back that day, we were so tired from such a long day-but that night we had a talent show! Me and 5 of my friends did a dance we choreographed to a song from the Disney Movie Hercules! The song was called, I won't say im in love. We had been working on it for a while now! It turned out darling and everyone loved it! My friend Jessica was Meg from the Movie ( shes in the dress ) and she looks just like her! And the rest of us were the 'Muses' and dressed up in togas! I had so much fun with it! The night was sooo fun! The past couple days have been filled with finals-again..blah! But I'm almost done with them..I can't wait for that. classes here are so intense that sometimes it just puts such a damper on eveything here. But I am so glad I got to come here! The things I have done and seen are pricelss! Its so crazy to think my time is almost over here...Time has just flown!

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