Wednesday, February 4, 2009



My friend Ryan and I!

Moon, Alli, Me, and Rachelle

EWWW..why would anyone ever like frogs..SICK!

EGYPTIAN NIGHT! My roomate Chelsea and I....

At the ZOO!!

At the Botanical Gardens!

Today was a great day! Today was a free day and I went to the Biblical ZOO! I loved it!! it was amazing and such a fun day! I love going to the zoo, probably because I was deprived as a child and never went so now I love going. ( and IM HOW OLD? ) anyways this was the best zoo I ever have been too! it was such a great day. then after the zoo, the group went to west jerusalem for some Gelato Ice cream- amazing! Then tonight at the center, we had an EGYPTIAN NIGHT! and everyone had to strut their new items that they bought in Egypt. it was a blast! And everyone go into it! Yesterday was great too, some of us went to the Botanical Gardens and the Biblical Land museum. Here are some pictures from the past few days! I am loving everything! Tomorrow I go to Jericho!! And then on Friday I have 2 mid-terms! Blah!! but it's all great! Hope yall are doing great!


  1. you look like a beautiful gypsie in those pics!! i wish i could have gone to the zoo! that would have been so great! was pumbaa at the zoo? i sure do hope so! im so relieved to see that you have an alli there to remind you of me everytime you say her name! :) i miss and love you so much!

  2. hey!! I made your blog!! yeah yeah!!

    I love it!! That was amazing!!

  3. Hi My Little Eygptian Princess, I love that I got to talk to you yesterday for 2 hours...and Remember what I said again for the 10th time..."Hayley go to the Zoo, it was one of my FAve places, you have got to go to the Zoo!You will love it!" Ha Ha! I told you! It's so fun, and I swear I pic at exactly the same places that you do...Oh I just love it...and Miss it! You look so happy! I love the crusty pic of you and the Frog...Priceless my dear! Priceless! =)Don't Forget to go to the Sillarium, the Romasn Restraunt, it's like upstairs, and it's incredible, ask around I"m sure you'll find it...the security guards will know, it' classic! Oh My love Hayels, I"m so super excited for you! I just wish I watch you as you explore this holy sacred land, coupled with your "sacred experiences! Truly it is hallowed ground, and the moments you have there will be part of your "sacred groves" of life! Live it...Love it! I love you darling, thanks for sharing all your adventures and passing on the magic through your letters and pics! You are the greatest sis ever! Love ya hon!
    Love ya,
    Leesey =) 1-2-3 =)

  4. Can I just tell you how jealous I am that you're experiencing this?? You are SO lucky! And it looks like you're having a ton of fun!

    PS - Don't forget to write (Tom)! ;)