Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An awesome week!

Sunset-the Tower is where Jappa is!


Andrea, Me, Steven, Shelby

These bracelets were given to us in West Jeru, they mean good luck and God bless.

One of the kids I met and became frends with in Westr Jeru

This is one of my Sunbeams for church that I teach-She had the coolest/cutest hair for Valentines day! So of course I had to take a picture!-Adorable!

My Sunday School class

Joseph Smith-a shop keeper! 10 years ago, Elyse my sister took a picture just like this with Joseph Smith and the glass was shattered, and cut his muscle-he has scars from it! So of course I had to take a picture for Elyse! This is the exact case that she broke, but he said he replaced it with stronger glass! hah.He was so shocked and excited when I walked into his shop and told him who I was!

This is the book that you sign at Alladin's shop-he is the money changer that EVERYONE from BYU loves and knows. Here is my sisters name that she signed 10 years ago!! Of course I would never expect anything less then her taking up 5 lines more then eveeryone else so that she stood out! haha...gotta love it!

At a Bakery in West Jeru after going to the movies!

We went to the movies one night!
This past week has been so great! On Sunday ( because we worship for church on Sat-Shabbot ) we had a free day. So a group of us went to the Keneset which is where Parliament meets. It was really interesting, and I acutally got to sit in the chairs/room that parliament meets in. Then 2 of my friends and I branched off and went to the Jewish Market and to West Jerusalem. It was so much fun! We did some shopping and just went exploring. Then Monday was another great day! After classes some of us went out exploring. We went to some churches and met lots of people. We went to the jewish quarter where lots of kids were out for school and so we got to hang out with them, and they wanted to takes lots of pictures with us. I love interacting with the people. It was such a fun day of just exploring and meeting people and making memories. I also tried crepes for the first time-they were ok but id take gelato anyday here. So Tuesday was
AMAZING! it was what i would call a PERFECT DAY! A group of 10 ( 5 boys, 5 girls )of us took a taxi after class to TEL-AVIV! ( about an hour away )WOW SO FUN! Tel-Aviv is where they say you go to "PLAY" ( Haifa is where you go to work, Jerusalem is where you go to pray, and Tel-Aviv is where you go to play! ) And man were they right! Tel-Aviv is kind of like Cali or Miami with the beautiful clear blue beaches and boardwalks. We started the day out with going to the flee market, which is always an adventure. Then after that we went to the BEACH! It was pretty cold at some points in the day, and rained for a little bit which just made the day all the more fun. So we rolled up our jeans and put our feet in the water and just played and had fun! We were at the beach for about 2-3 hours. It was so peaceful. It made me so excited to go to CALI this summer to visit my roommates! It was actually my first real time seeing real surfers. it was sweet! Then we watched the sunset on the beach as we walked the boardwalk-BEAUTIFUL! then we went over to Jappa which is a little town. Everything was closing and
not much was going on so we didn't get to see a whole lot, but it was still so fun to walk through it. We then ate dinner at this hole in the wall burger place which was awesome. The burgers were MASSIVE and very good because they were the closests I'v had to American-but still not American. But it was still so fun! We didn't get home till about 11:30 at night, and we were all so dead from playing so hard. But it was worth every single second. Then today was another LONG Good day. Today we went on a field trip to Yad VaShem- Which is the Holocaust Museum-The most well known.The museum was actually rebuilt in 2005. It is very modern and the building is full of symbolism. It was incredible, emotional, heart breaking, educating, and something I will never forget. I learned so much, and saw so much. I have mixed emotions about today. I am so glad I went, but it was heart breaking. The things the Jews went through is just incredible-words don't do justice. I surprised myself and actually didn't cry. But then after the tour we went to the childrens memorial and I couldnt hold back- that was hard. It was the most amazing memorial I have ever been too. You go into the memorial and it is dark with glass mirrors everywhere surronding you, and then inside is candles lit just enough so you can see, but still dark. As you go through it they have a speaker saying names of children that died, their age, and where they are from. It is so emotional. I cried as i thought of my nieces and nephews and how these children that died are the samke age as them. How did the jews do it? It just broke my heart. Then after that we went to mt. Herzel-which is another huge memorial. We were there for a long time and everyone was so beat afterwards. So tonight we have homwork, and a volleyball tournament! My team has a really good chance of winning..I'm so excited to play! The last couple of days have been so much fun and great! I love being here and learning all that I am. There are moments still when I'm walking down the street or meet someone where I just sit back and think really, could life get better than this? Really am I here in just hits me sometimes. I love it here- and am loving my time doing this. I am so blessed to be here! I hope all is well back in the states! I miss ya'll tons, but will be home before I know it!




  1. Fun stuff Hayley!
    How awesome that you got to share the same experiences as Elyse!!

  2. Hayley, this is the best post ever! I laughed so hard when i sw the pics of you and Jospeh smith, and also my writing in the book, For the Love...Honestly, of course I would be crazy and take up 5 lines worth...tht is why i am a freakin Rockstar! They love me over there
    ! yEah! I sent your Pkg on Wednesday, so you should get in about 10 days or so...for the love it's freakin expensive to mail ovr cost me $55 to send...Bless my heart,I am such a great sister! I copied pictures of me, and Jospeh SMith, and Alladin, and Holly etc, you have to give them to them, so they can have them,adn post them in their shops! Hah! I love you so much, and I miss you so very much! I want you to know that it' not the same without you, but we all know that you are blesing the lives of those you are with right's ok...but not for too much longer, call me selfish but still! I miss you, and love readig your posts nd seeing your pics! You re so beautiful, inside and out! Love ya,
    The Perpetual Bliss Princess who braks shop keepers arms! Hee! Hee!
    P.S. Tell Joseph Smith, if he will serioulsy build me a gym in the back of his shop, I will marry him...Go Big or Go home baby!!! =)