Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bare Foot Through the OLD CITY!

We did it! My friends Jen, Ali and Kelsey!

Our feet at the start of the journey..

Our nasty, dirty feet by the end of our dare!

So theres this shop keep named Joseph Smith who sells Widows Mites. ( about $15 ) Or you can get it for free by doing 70 push ups for girls or 100 for guys. Well 10 years ago my siter was dared by him for a free widow mite, to walk through the old city if you never have been to Jerusalem then you don't understand that the streets of the Old city are NASTY, just dirty. well my siter got her free Widow's mite by doing that, and I thought I would keep the traditon. So Jospeh Smith dared me to, and so some fo my friends and I did it. It was nasty-but so fun! and such a memory. People would look at us as if we were crazy! and say, " Where are your shoes? Where are your sandals? You are CRAZY!" it was priceless!
PS: Eva, I know you hate feet more than anything and I know that this post did not help your phobia! =)Love you girl!

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