Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In a cave/tomb that was awesome! With my friends Ryan and Shelby ( their brothers ) we got SOOOO dirty with this chalky stuff all over us,( look at our pants ) and i LOVED it! It was so much fun!

At the Elah Valley which is the valley same field of David and Goliath! So we played "David and Goliath" and used real sling shots like back in Davids time, and would aim at "Goliath" which my teacher made. ( out of boxes )You can see him in the distance and we're all trying to aim at him. I got really good by the end. Not good with aim, but good at distance and height. it was a highlight of the day and such a blast!

Kara, Me, and Stephanie in a cave/tomb! Inside was so sweet!
In Jericho,the VERY BEST fruit I have ever tasted in my life!

A Peacock that was right next to me
in Jericho!

we have been on several field trips! One to Jericho which was cool. And a bunch of others. One was my favorite to these caves/tombs of like Herrod the great. It was such a fun day! We got so dirty in it, and it was great! I felt like such a little kid again just getting dirty and not caring. We are always going and I am loving it. But school work is piling up! I can never get ahead with school work. This week we have mid terms and a 6 page paper due for a class. class is hard here, but the field trips make up for it. I am having a blast and loving it. Bishop Burton is here staying here with some other couples and he has a special fireside for us, which was great. This expierience only makes me want to travel more. I love it! I love seeing everything! For FHE on Monday we split up and went to branch families house. It was so much fun! And I got to go to one of my favorite families home-the Myers. They are wonderful people and have 3 adorable kids. It was so nice to be back in an actual home, and have normal USA treats. I am loving it here, but miss yall back home! Hope eveything is going great!
Love ya,


  1. Wow! You look so happy, and gorgeous! I loved Jericho! I love you my Pretty Israel Princess! =)

  2. SHALOM!!!! You are so lucky miss hayley!! you look fabulous!!!! i hope we can travel to israel together one day!
    i love you