Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem"

At Garden of Gethsemane ( everyone reading and writing in journals )

At Jaffa Gate!

Little Boy Playing in the streets...


Well this week has been mad crazy. Never have I been so Tired and So busy, going going going every second. This week we went on our first class field trip to a bunch of churches and sites. Then on the start of SHABBOT we went to the WESTERN WALL ( WAILING WALL ) It was such a highlight. i LOVED IT. It was so incredible to me as I watched these people of their culture be so devoted to what they believe. It was so amazing to me. These people put so much heart into their prayers. It is impossible to not feel the spirit a little bit as you go ( yes i did cry ) it was such a powerful moment. After I went up to the wall I could hear all this singing and chanting. It was my classmates in a huge circle dancing and singing with some of the jewish women. It was so awesome! I joined and got SO INTO IT. The jewish people are so wonderful and welcoming. I loved that night being apart of it. Then on Shabbot after church, while most people go home and sleep or relax....I got to go to the Garden of Gethsemane and Orson Hyde Gardens. WoW am I lucky!?!? It was so awesome. Only in Jerusalem! It was in walking distance ( lots of hills ) and just so beautiful. A very cool moment for me. When I was there, I was at so much peace and reasurance. I am starting to really understand the Atonement better now. As I sat in the Orson Hyde Gardens I thought of Christ and the picture where he is overlooking the city of Jerusalem, and he says " Oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem" I can only imagine thoughts that ran through his head ad he looked at the city of his people. Well today ( Sunday ) it was a first full free day! i went into the city for a long time. We started out doing a tour on top of all the city walls. It was cool to walk on top and see the whole city. We seriously walked well over 10 miles today! Not even kidding! I went to the Jewish Quarters, Old city, West Jerusalem, The Windmill and Gardens overlooking the city, and the mall. We went so many places today it was fun! But when I came home all of us were just dead. but it was worth it! I am having way fun here ( except the classes..AKA HOMEWORK! there is lots when i just want to play. hehe. ) But we are getting ready for Egypt now! YAY i am SO excited! We leave in a week! I cannot wait! Anyways, thats everything in a nutshell, the basics. I miss ya'll and America. But am having a blast here! Love all ya'll!




  1. Amazing pictures!!!!!!!!!!I sure miss you but I'm so happy for you and your big adventures there! Love you!

  2. Hayls, I'm so elated for you! honestly, the pics are so beautiful, and bring back so many memoris! Truly, the greatest experience of my life! I love that your camera can take such awesome pics! seriously that rocks! I'm so jealous that you walked on the City walls, that was one of my fave thigns ever! I miss it! And that you are loving every minute, take it all in and relish it, because it goes by so quickly, and you will never get it back again. I love the pic of the little boy playing in the street, Hayls, you tke incredible pics. I loved watching the kids play soccer in the street, and we would play with them, it was the best! Have you gone to the orpahnage yet? I loved goign there and playing with the kids, and holding the babies, truly such sacred moments! =) Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Western Wall, Now you get why I loved ot go there, and I would shed tears of joy watchign there devotion to God. It is Powerful! I miss oyu so much and love hearing all about your amazing adventures! Thanks for the email you sent me, it means the world to me, and I have studied Genesis, and every night I make my list of 20 things! It is helping, I want to be liek you, you re such an exmaple to me! I love nad adore you pretty princess! thanks for being such an incredible sister and fabulous friend. Miss you more than you know! Love ya, Leesey =)

  3. that pic of the dome is AMAZING!!!! its stands out so beautifully against the dark clouds!!
    i hope you are having the time of your life and i wish i could be there with you!!!